(home port)--Auburn California US
(Registration number) 973135
(radio call) WAZ 2904
OWNER Jim and Dee Patrick
5630 Pacific Blvd. #809
Boca Raton
Florida 33433


Ride was fairly uneventfull except for the high seas and increasing winds. We will spend a few days here at anchor and get ready for a run to NW channel,No.light and mackey shoal.
date/time heading avg speed dist log helm sky wind dir wind speed bar pressure latitude longitude comments
2-3-92/0100 123 2k 0 jim clr NE 10-15 30.1in 25-40'49" 080-09'91" returned to port wind and seas to high
2-8-92/0040 123 3 3 jim cld Sw 10 1010mb 25-40'60 080-09'78 Light rain, cat sick,dee sick wind going north
2-8-92/1140 112 4.4 46 jim clr w-nw 20-25 1009mb 25-46'47 079-14'13 Rough ride into Bimini Met Ariadne,windsong,sairece,atlantis Docked at Weeches cleared customs and immigration and moved to anchor
2-11-98/0850 035 3.5 0 jim pc se 6-10 1021mb 25-46'47 079-14'13 very pleasant nobody sick
/1030 035 3.2 4 jim mottled se 6-10 1022mb 25-46'47 079-14'13 Dee Reading. We are leading several boats
/1100 108 5 2 Jim PC Var light 1022 mb same same Engine on 1500 rpm
1500 101 5.2 22 Jim PC Var light 1022 mb 25-45'95 078-54'63 Engine surging slowed to 1200
1630 - - - - pc var light 1022 mb 25-45'35 075-48'67 Anchor on banks Toddy time
2/12/92-0840 080 2.3 - Jim clr s 3 1023 mb 25-46'17 078-46'85 no engine (won't start) using dinghy for motor
1400 130 2 19 Jim clr - - 1023 mb 25-42'83 078-39'70 motoring using dinghy
1800 130 2.1 11 Jim clr se 3 1024 mb 25-38'88 078-31'72 still motoring using dinghy into wind
2/13/92-0420 130 2.0 - Jim clr se 5-10 1023 mb 25-34'00 078-27'50 same
0600 116 2.0 - Jim clr se 5-10 1023 mb 25-32'65 078-18'96 wind rising
0800 116 2.0 - Jim pc e 10-15 1023 25-30'66 078-14'69 Catabatics comint going back to sails
1040 112 1.5 12 Jim scattered s-sw 5-10 1024 mb 25-29'90 078-12'46 Losing wind back to dinghy
1115 112 2 - Jim clearing s-sw 0-3 1024 mb 25-27.20 078-12'76 Goin well can see chubb key
1800 035 1.5 28 Jim clr - - 1025 mb 25-25'50 078-02'34 On hook Chubb All in all a good day but slow Found a fouled gas filter. Replaced now engine runs great. Toddy time
R19C1 R19C2 R19C3 R19C4 R19C5 R19C6 R19C7 R19C8 R19C9 R19C10 R19C11 R19C12
R20C1 R20C2 R20C3 R20C4 R20C5 R20C6 R20C7 R20C8 R20C9 R20C10 R20C11 R20C12
R21C1 R21C2 R21C3 R21C4 R21C5 R21C6 R21C7 R21C8 R21C9 R21C10 R21C11 R21C12
R22C1 R22C2 R22C3 R22C4 R22C5 R22C6 R22C7 R22C8 R22C9 R22C10 R22C11 R22C12
R23C1 R23C2 R23C3 R23C4 R23C5 R23C6 R23C7 R23C8 R23C9 R23C10 R23C11 R23C12
R24C1 R24C2 R24C3 R24C4 R24C5 R24C6 R24C7 R24C8 R24C9 R24C10 R24C11 R24C12
R25C1 R25C2 R25C3 R25C4 R25C5 R25C6 R25C7 R25C8 R25C9 R25C10 R25C11 R25C12
R26C1 R26C2 R26C3 R26C4 R26C5 R26C6 R26C7 R26C8 R26C9 R26C10 R26C11 R26C12
R27C1 R27C2 R27C3 R27C4 R27C5 R27C6 R27C7 R27C8 R27C9 R27C10 R27C11 R27C12
R28C1 R28C2 R28C3 R28C4 R28C5 R28C6 R28C7 R28C8 R28C9 R28C10 R28C11 R28C12
R29C1 R29C2 R29C3 R29C4 R29C5 R29C6 R29C7 R29C8 R29C9 R29C10 R29C11 R29C12
R30C1 R30C2 R30C3 R30C4 R30C5 R30C6 R30C7 R30C8 R30C9 R30C10 R30C11 R30C12
R31C1 R31C2 R31C3 R31C4 R31C5 R31C6 R31C7 R31C8 R31C9 R31C10 R31C11 R31C12
R32C1 R32C2 R32C3 R32C4 R32C5 R32C6 R32C7 R32C8 R32C9 R32C10 R32C11 R32C12
R33C1 R33C2 R33C3 R33C4 R33C5 R33C6 R33C7 R33C8 R33C9 R33C10 R33C11 R33C12
R34C1 R34C2 R34C3 R34C4 R34C5 R34C6 R34C7 R34C8 R34C9 R34C10 R34C11 R34C12
R35C1 R35C2 R35C3 R35C4 R35C5 R35C6 R35C7 R35C8 R35C9 R35C10 R35C11 R35C12
R36C1 R36C2 R36C3 R36C4 R36C5 R36C6 R36C7 R36C8 R36C9 R36C10 R36C11 R36C12
R37C1 R37C2 R37C3 R37C4 R37C5 R37C6 R37C7 R37C8 R37C9 R37C10 R37C11 R37C12
R38C1 R38C2 R38C3 R38C4 R38C5 R38C6 R38C7 R38C8 R38C9 R38C10 R38C11 R38C12
R39C1 R39C2 R39C3 R39C4 R39C5 R39C6 R39C7 R39C8 R39C9 R39C10 R39C11 R39C12
R40C1 R40C2 R40C3 R40C4 R40C5 R40C6 R40C7 R40C8 R40C9 R40C10 R40C11 R40C12
R41C1 R41C2 R41C3 R41C4 R41C5 R41C6 R41C7 R41C8 R41C9 R41C10 R41C11 R41C12
R42C1 R42C2 R42C3 R42C4 R42C5 R42C6 R42C7 R42C8 R42C9 R42C10 R42C11 R42C12
R43C1 R43C2 R43C3 R43C4 R43C5 R43C6 R43C7 R43C8 R43C9 R43C10 R43C11 R43C12
R44C1 R44C2 R44C3 R44C4 R44C5 R44C6 R44C7 R44C8 R44C9 R44C10 R44C11 R44C12
R45C1 R45C2 R45C3 R45C4 R45C5 R45C6 R45C7 R45C8 R45C9 R45C10 R45C11 R45C12
R46C1 R46C2 R46C3 R46C4 R46C5 R46C6 R46C7 R46C8 R46C9 R46C10 R46C11 R46C12
R47C1 R47C2 R47C3 R47C4 R47C5 R47C6 R47C7 R47C8 R47C9 R47C10 R47C11 R47C12
R48C1 R48C2 R48C3 R48C4 R48C5 R48C6 R48C7 R48C8 R48C9 R48C10 R48C11 R48C12
R49C1 R49C2 R49C3 R49C4 R49C5 R49C6 R49C7 R49C8 R49C9 R49C10 R49C11 R49C12
R50C1 R50C2 R50C3 R50C4 R50C5 R50C6 R50C7 R50C8 R50C9 R50C10 R50C11 R50C12
R51C1 R51C2 R51C3 R51C4 R51C5 R51C6 R51C7 R51C8 R51C9 R51C10 R51C11 R51C12
R52C1 R52C2 R52C3 R52C4 R52C5 R52C6 R52C7 R52C8 R52C9 R52C10 R52C11 R52C12
R53C1 R53C2 R53C3 R53C4 R53C5 R53C6 R53C7 R53C8 R53C9 R53C10 R53C11 R53C12
R54C1 R54C2 R54C3 R54C4 R54C5 R54C6 R54C7 R54C8 R54C9 R54C10 R54C11 R54C12
R55C1 R55C2 R55C3 R55C4 R55C5 R55C6 R55C7 R55C8 R55C9 R55C10 R55C11 R55C12
R56C1 R56C2 R56C3 R56C4 R56C5 R56C6 R56C7 R56C8 R56C9 R56C10 R56C11 R56C12
R57C1 R57C2 R57C3 R57C4 R57C5 R57C6 R57C7 R57C8 R57C9 R57C10 R57C11 R57C12
R58C1 R58C2 R58C3 R58C4 R58C5 R58C6 R58C7 R58C8 R58C9 R58C10 R58C11 R58C12
R59C1 R59C2 R59C3 R59C4 R59C5 R59C6 R59C7 R59C8 R59C9 R59C10 R59C11 R59C12
R60C1 R60C2 R60C3 R60C4 R60C5 R60C6 R60C7 R60C8 R60C9 R60C10 R60C11 R60C12
R61C1 R61C2 R61C3 R61C4 R61C5 R61C6 R61C7 R61C8 R61C9 R61C10 R61C11 R61C12
R62C1 R62C2 R62C3 R62C4 R62C5 R62C6 R62C7 R62C8 R62C9 R62C10 R62C11 R62C12
R63C1 R63C2 R63C3 R63C4 R63C5 R63C6 R63C7 R63C8 R63C9 R63C10 R63C11 R63C12
R64C1 R64C2 R64C3 R64C4 R64C5 R64C6 R64C7 R64C8 R64C9 R64C10 R64C11 R64C12
R65C1 R65C2 R65C3 R65C4 R65C5 R65C6 R65C7 R65C8 R65C9 R65C10 R65C11 R65C12
R66C1 R66C2 R66C3 R66C4 R66C5 R66C6 R66C7 R66C8 R66C9 R66C10 R66C11 R66C12
R67C1 R67C2 R67C3 R67C4 R67C5 R67C6 R67C7 R67C8 R67C9 R67C10 R67C11 R67C12
R68C1 R68C2 R68C3 R68C4 R68C5 R68C6 R68C7 R68C8 R68C9 R68C10 R68C11 R68C12
R69C1 R69C2 R69C3 R69C4 R69C5 R69C6 R69C7 R69C8 R69C9 R69C10 R69C11 R69C12
R70C1 R70C2 R70C3 R70C4 R70C5 R70C6 R70C7 R70C8 R70C9 R70C10 R70C11 R70C12
R71C1 R71C2 R71C3 R71C4 R71C5 R71C6 R71C7 R71C8 R71C9 R71C10 R71C11 R71C12
R72C1 R72C2 R72C3 R72C4 R72C5 R72C6 R72C7 R72C8 R72C9 R72C10 R72C11 R72C12
R73C1 R73C2 R73C3 R73C4 R73C5 R73C6 R73C7 R73C8 R73C9 R73C10 R73C11 R73C12
R74C1 R74C2 R74C3 R74C4 R74C5 R74C6 R74C7 R74C8 R74C9 R74C10 R74C11 R74C12
R75C1 R75C2 R75C3 R75C4 R75C5 R75C6 R75C7 R75C8 R75C9 R75C10 R75C11 R75C12
R76C1 R76C2 R76C3 R76C4 R76C5 R76C6 R76C7 R76C8 R76C9 R76C10 R76C11 R76C12
R77C1 R77C2 R77C3 R77C4 R77C5 R77C6 R77C7 R77C8 R77C9 R77C10 R77C11 R77C12
R78C1 R78C2 R78C3 R78C4 R78C5 R78C6 R78C7 R78C8 R78C9 R78C10 R78C11 R78C12
R79C1 R79C2 R79C3 R79C4 R79C5 R79C6 R79C7 R79C8 R79C9 R79C10 R79C11 R79C12
R80C1 R80C2 R80C3 R80C4 R80C5 R80C6 R80C7 R80C8 R80C9 R80C10 R80C11 R80C12
R81C1 R81C2 R81C3 R81C4 R81C5 R81C6 R81C7 R81C8 R81C9 R81C10 R81C11 R81C12
R82C1 R82C2 R82C3 R82C4 R82C5 R82C6 R82C7 R82C8 R82C9 R82C10 R82C11 R82C12
R83C1 R83C2 R83C3 R83C4 R83C5 R83C6 R83C7 R83C8 R83C9 R83C10 R83C11 R83C12
R84C1 R84C2 R84C3 R84C4 R84C5 R84C6 R84C7 R84C8 R84C9 R84C10 R84C11 R84C12
R85C1 R85C2 R85C3 R85C4 R85C5 R85C6 R85C7 R85C8 R85C9 R85C10 R85C11 R85C12
R86C1 R86C2 R86C3 R86C4 R86C5 R86C6 R86C7 R86C8 R86C9 R86C10 R86C11 R86C12
R87C1 R87C2 R87C3 R87C4 R87C5 R87C6 R87C7 R87C8 R87C9 R87C10 R87C11 R87C12
R88C1 R88C2 R88C3 R88C4 R88C5 R88C6 R88C7 R88C8 R88C9 R88C10 R88C11 R88C12
R89C1 R89C2 R89C3 R89C4 R89C5 R89C6 R89C7 R89C8 R89C9 R89C10 R89C11 R89C12
R90C1 R90C2 R90C3 R90C4 R90C5 R90C6 R90C7 R90C8 R90C9 R90C10 R90C11 R90C12
R91C1 R91C2 R91C3 R91C4 R91C5 R91C6 R91C7 R91C8 R91C9 R91C10 R91C11 R91C12
R92C1 R92C2 R92C3 R92C4 R92C5 R92C6 R92C7 R92C8 R92C9 R92C10 R92C11 R92C12
R93C1 R93C2 R93C3 R93C4 R93C5 R93C6 R93C7 R93C8 R93C9 R93C10 R93C11 R93C12
R94C1 R94C2 R94C3 R94C4 R94C5 R94C6 R94C7 R94C8 R94C9 R94C10 R94C11 R94C12
R95C1 R95C2 R95C3 R95C4 R95C5 R95C6 R95C7 R95C8 R95C9 R95C10 R95C11 R95C12
R96C1 R96C2 R96C3 R96C4 R96C5 R96C6 R96C7 R96C8 R96C9 R96C10 R96C11 R96C12
R97C1 R97C2 R97C3 R97C4 R97C5 R97C6 R97C7 R97C8 R97C9 R97C10 R97C11 R97C12
R98C1 R98C2 R98C3 R98C4 R98C5 R98C6 R98C7 R98C8 R98C9 R98C10 R98C11 R98C12
R99C1 R99C2 R99C3 R99C4 R99C5 R99C6 R99C7 R99C8 R99C9 R99C10 R99C11 R99C12
R100C1 R100C2 R100C3 R100C4 R100C5 R100C6 R100C7 R100C8 R100C9 R100C10 R100C11 R100C12