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Digestive Enzymes Comparison

Digestive enzymes should be compared...first, we must understand what makes a great digestive enzyme formulation. Since 95% of the food we eat is protein, carbohydrates and fats a great formulation will be well rounded in protease (to digest protein), amylase (to digest carbohydrates) and lipase (to digest fats).

Take the digestive enzyme lipase for example: 500 LU of lipase will break down approximately 4 grams of fat. “The Health Nuts Ultimate Enzymes” has 5000 LU of lipase and can help break down 40 grams of fat. Two capsules can help break down 80 grams of fat. Having a digestive enzyme that is capable of helping digest the food we are eating is most desirable and will give you more benefits. Companies with low amounts of lipase aren’t addressing the problems people have with undigested fats.

Chart # 1 shows many different digestive enzymes products from Network Marketing companies and digestive enzymes from some health food stores. Look closely at the amount of protease, amylase and lipase in each formulation. The last column shows what it would cost you to buy 270 capsules. The companies listed have their digestive enzymes labeled in the FCC (Food Chemical Codex). This labeling certifies that the enzymes have been thoroughly tested for activity and potency. Potency is expressed in units of activity - not by weight. The units of activity are based on the Food Chemical Codex, set forth by the National Academy of Sciences and accepted by the American food industry. When you review the labeling on a digestive enzymes bottle, search for listings as HUT for Protease, SKB or DU for Amylase and LU or FIP for lipase. FCC labeling example: If Product # 1 has 15,000 HUT of Protease and product # 2 has 45,000 HUT of Protease. Product #2 can break down 3 times more protein than product # 1...and this fact is what makes it easy to compare digestive enzyme formulations.

Chart # 2 - How much digestive help you’re getting for your dollar?
These numbers are not made up...they are real. Example: Royal Body Care
has 50 LU of lipase in their formulation. For you to get the same 1,350,000 LU (activity units) of lipase that’s in 270 capsules of “The Health Nuts Ultimate Enzymes”, you would have to buy $7,800.00 of their product to equal the same amount of lipase activity in a $45.00 bottle of enzymes from “The Health Nuts.” The last column is the average cost of when adding up the three enzyme columns and dividing by 3. Most enzyme formulations are very low on lipase and lipase is the enzyme that helps digest fat. Part of the reason why people are overweight is because the fat that is being consumed is not being fully broken down properly. Undigested fat can easily be stored. Most people that are overweight have low supplies of lipase in their body.

Our digestive enzymes products:

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