The Pancreas and Nutritional Therapy with Digestive Enzymes

Many symptoms of pancreas problems occur because of the body's inability to produce enough enzymes. For people with pancreatic insufficiency nutritional therapy with digestive enzymes is a must. No need for a special diet for people with pancreatitis as long as excellent digestive enzymes are taken daily. If you have pancreatitis caused by shingles, digestive enzymes could help rid the shingles and the pancreas would not have to work so hard to make the needed enzymes. Digestive enzymes are enzymes that we are born with, they occur naturally in the body, and their purpose is to aid the food enzymes in digestion. The most commonly known digestive enzymes are secreted from the pancreas into the stomach and small intestine. They are protease, which breaks down protiens, amalayse for breaking down carbohydrates, lipase for the breakdown of fats, and cellulase for fiber.

As mentioned above, the body is born with it's own supply of digestive enzymes. Another way to think about it is like having your own bank account of enzymes. By putting cooked, microwaved or processed foods (foods with no live enzymes left) into your body, your body is then forced to draw on it's own account of enzymes, metabolic and digestive, to do the job. Eventually we deplete our account and the body has to completely rely on itself, pulling from the enzyme and immune system to digest food instead of rebuilding the body and fighting illness.

Protalase enzymes have also been found to increase the immune systems macrophage (or white blood cell) activity by up to 700 percent and increase T-cell (cancer fighting cell) production and activity by as much as 1300 percent with a very short period of time after ingestion. Also, plant enzymes have been shown in clinical studies to help with the following symptoms: It may relieve heartburn, gas, bloating, indegestion, belching, headaches, diarrhea, constipation, chronic fatigue, yeast infections, nutritional deficiency, stomach problems, colon, liver, and pancreas problems. It may also help with obesity, cancers, heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes, allergies, plaque build up, high blood pressure, and a host of other degenerative conditions including arthritis. Almost all degenerative diseases stem from a lack of complete digestion and improper elimination of what we ingest into our bodies. This is due to the insufficiency of pancreatic activity due to the body using much needed enzymes to do other tasks.

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