Raspberry Extract Skin Cream

The health benefits of raspberries' ellagatannins have now been formulated into a skin cream by one of the world's leading skin biophysicists, Dr. Peter Pugliese. Dr. Pugliese's group, with over 40 years of skin care research, has developed some of the most effective skin restoration and preservation products on the market. He has now applied his talents to the next generation of skin care. The Health Nuts now brings this formulation to you.

What's in the cream? What does it do?

  • Ellagatannins from raspberry seeds:    Dr. Pugliese uses a unique process to extract the ellagatannins from the seeds without leaving a gritty feel on the skin. The ellagatannins reduce solar keratosis (age spots) and actinic keratosis. These sun damaged areas are prime candidates for developing skin cancers.

    The elagatannins also improve fine-capillary blood flow, necessary for healthy, vital looking skin.

    Moisturizes tissue and aids in healing after sunburn.

    Promotes wound healing and reduces scar formation.

  • Ascorbyl palmitate and allantoin:   tissue rebuilders that help eliminate wrinkles and rebuild tissue.

  • Shitake mushroom extract:   boosts the skin's immune system.

  • Three moisturizers maintain skin suppleness

  • Linoleic esters:   patented topical anti-inflammatory/anti-irritant which actually reverses sun-damage caused by sunburn.

  • Three component sunblock:   Dr. Pugliese's sunblocks are the only sunblocks proven to be considered safe for use around the eyes. For this reason, this is the first and only sunblock in existence taht will not irritate or cause stinging in the eyes. We call this technoloty "Zero Ocular Irritation" for which Dr. Pugliese is one of the few researchers qualified to perform this test in the world.

  • Oat protein:    natural anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-itch.

What is not in the cream?

  • Mineral oil - mineral oil clogs pores.

  • Diazolidinyl urea - Formaldehyde producing preservative.

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (sls) - Questionable toxicity.

  • Propylene glycol - Processing aid which adds nothing for the skin.
You have to try Raspberry Extract Skin Cream to find out for yourslf how great it really is. Order today and soon you will see how young you look and how healthy your skin is.


This product goes a long way when used sparingly.


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