Effects of Digestive Enzymes on Saliva

If you have a problem with swollen salivary gland under tongue, saliva rubus or saliva mucous deficiency, Digestive Enzymes may help. Our bodies do not digest food in this day and age because of the way food is processed. Therefore, our bodies must work harder to produce enzymes, thus taking away much needed benefits from other areas of our bodies. It could be that our bodies become sympathetic and salivation may be affected or it could show up with ear pains and swollen salivary glands. Under these conditions salivary glands of the lower lip location may show salivary gland tumor symptoms.

Can Digestive Enzymes help saliva?

Many of todays food allergies stem from the lack of certain enzymes. Joint pain and gout come from undigested protiens, fats and minerals that form uric acid crystals, that in turn get caught in joints. Yeast and fungal growth can start with undigested foods in the blood stream and are compounded by the white flour and sugars we eat which feed the yeast and fungus. Extreme fatigue may be caused by an inability to digest protiens and fats, which cause the blood cells to clump together and not circulate like they should. When the blood is clumped it can not carry as much oxygen and can result in fatigue and slow and muddled thinking. The white blood cells have a difficult time moving around and getting where they need to be when they're caught in the sluggish, clumped blood as well. These are just a few of the many examples of what can and does happen to our bodies as a direct result of what we ingest.

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