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We took four years off and travelled the Caribbean. See Adventure for an exciting and informative look at our travels. We have purchased land in Florida and taken those luxury vacations. We have a motorhome that we have used to travel the NASCAR circuit. We have taken many fantastic cruises and been pampered beyond belief.

It was only a few years ago that we were in the rat race driving through the Houston traffic and putting up with the "boss" just to make ends meet. We were part of middle class America, we did not have the money to get ourselves out of debt. Then a miraculous thing occurred, we discovered the internet and got involved. We learned how to do HTML programming (now editors do it for you) and we found some products to try to sell.We went through many products and made some $ and then began to see how this internet worked. We had some great successes and a lot of failures but overall we were making a little bit of money. With each failure we found tricks and areas to concentrate on. After the first 6 months or so we were steadily growing both our resources and the pocket book. We tried many different strategies and products to make it easier to gain and use the internet to make money and a comfortable living.


We used to plan our own travel because we knew that it would save us money by booking our own? NOT TRUE! We found that a really good agent could actually save us even more money and all the hassel of searching through endless pages on the internet. WE now just let Heidi know what we want to do and within less time than we could do it we have an answer back and can make reservations with ease. For a link to Heidi CLICK HERE

To see some of our travels by sailboat through the Caribbean just click on adventure

While travelling throughout the world we have encountered food problems occasionally.
But no more. We have found the perfect formulation of digestive enzymes
to help us digest the local food and have becone health nuts.

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