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Ultimate Anti-oxident

each capsule contains:
30 MG 24/6% Ginko Biloba Ext ENZYMES DELIVERY SYSTEM
30 MG Co-Enzyme Q-10 20,350 HUT Protease
50 MG Activin (Grape seed extract) 2,100 SKB Amylase
50 MG Pine Bark extract 90% 130 LU Lipase
100 MG Cats Claw extract 100% 4:1 65 CU Cellulase
100 MG Shark Cartilage 100% pure 25 SU Sucrase
65 DP Maltase
130 ALU Lactase
5 MG Ionic Minerals w/Alfalfa

Supplemental nutrition is becoming more necessary each day. Our polluted environment (air, water and soil) coupled with the increased use of chemicals in farming produce foods that are nutritionally deficient. We need nutritional formulations that the body can absorb and utilize. Each Health Nuts Ultimate Anti-Oxidant capsule contains a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phyto-nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants. The enzyme delivery system within the Ultimate Anti-Oxidant assures utilization of the product.

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9707 Ultimate Anti-Oxident (60 caps) $ 56.00 $ 28.00


Aloe Cleanse Anti-Oxident Glucosamine ENZYMES TESTIMONIALS ORDER

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Independant Distributor; Jim & Dee Patrick #3333